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 New Client




All new clients will be priced at $100 for your first appointment. The first appointment will be 1hour & 15 minutes. This will give us ample time to do a thorough consultation. We will discuss your current hair & hair goals, care products, daily care routines and I will also spend time educating you on the proper products, techniques & tools you made need to achieve your style in your own home. This service includes a wash, haircut &  blowout.



Includes :

Wash and blowout

Clipper cuts  45

Short  60

Med-Length 70

Long  80

Extra Long 100

*Prices are subject to change and can flucuate if haircut is a total transformation and takes more than the usual allotted time


Dry Haircut


(must come in with clean, dry hair)

*does not include wash & blowout

*existing clients only

Sustainable Salon

Simple Color



Wash and blowout - $75+


Add Haircut - $50+


A glaze is great to help cancel out unwanted warm tones, add shine, add warmth, or darken hair to add richness. A glaze is also great for

tone maintenance between lightening sessions

Root Retouch


wash and blowout - $85

Add Haircut - $60+

Add Glaze - $40

This is for clients wanting to cover or blend their grey hair and only on the roots. This service is not for clients wanting highlights or dimension.

All Over Color

Includes :

wash and blowout - 140

Add Haircut - $60+

This is for clients who want one color all over, not just a root retouch. This service is not for clients wanting highlights or dimension.

Technical Coloring

Mini Highlight


a glaze, wash, and blowout - $150+


I will focus on the part line and hairline. This is great for clients who want a little pop of color. I suggest this service between partial or full lightening sessions.

Partial Highlight


a glaze, wash, and blowout -$170+


I will focus on the front, sides, and crown of head.  This is great for clients who want some dimension but want a more natural look with less maintenance. 

Full Highlight



a glaze, wash and blowout- $220+


I will focus on the entire head, as well as ends, this is for clients who feel they need a more drastic change or are feeling dull. I usually recommend a full highlight 2 to 3 times a year, depending on your on your hair goals.


Add Haircut- $30+

Add Root Retouch- $25

Extra Add On

Highlights around back of hairline

(can be added to mini or partial) - $15

Bond Builder treatment - $30 Moisturizing/Rebuilding/Conditioning Treatment- $15

Color Correction - $120 per hour


*Appointments going past 3 hours will be an extra $60 per hour

*“Balayage” and other lightening techniques are considered a “highlight” service.

*Darkening would be considered a glaze or root retouch. Please reach out if you need help choosing which service you need. 

*Blowout and style are included in the price.

*You must book through the online booking system and are required to put a credit card on file to book with me.

*If you choose not to receive the service you have scheduled (i.e. scheduled a full highlight but only need a partial) you must notify me at least 48 hrs ahead of the appt. If no notice is given you will be charged 15% of the original service plus the service provided. 

Cancellation Policy

All cancellations must be made 48 hours in advance, failure to do so will result in 50% fee of service you were booked for. No call - no show will result in 100% fee of service booked and possibly no future booking. You receive 2 confirmations texts prior to your appointment. Please click on the link to

confirm. If you are going to be late for your appointment, please give me notice. If you are 10-15 minutes late, your service may need to be altered/shortened or we may need to reschedule depending on timing.

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