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Eco Salon Services

Services for individual beauty industry professionals, salon owners, & cosmo/barber educational facilities to start  their journey to a more sustainable & eco friendly environment.

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An eco consultation offers salon professionals an evaluation of the environmental impact of their business. Along with education, these discussions bring opportunity and resources to create an environmentally friendly business, salon suite or educational center. 

What is an eco-salon consultation?

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sustainable salons oklahoma

Book your personalized
eco-salon consultation

Salon Recycling
Pick-Up Services

If you're a beauty industry professional who wants to be more sustainable but might not have the time, I've got your back. Let me come to you!

With my new Salon Recycling "Pick-Up" Service, recycling is made easy!

Starting at just $20 per month!

**Price of service may vary depending on the location, type of salon waste, number of stylists & type of establishment.
*** Service available in Oklahoma City,
Colorado Springs & surrounding areas


Salon Recycling


This is a FREE pop-up event for salon professionals, salons & educational centers and even cosmo & barber students in the surrounding area to help divert salon waste from our local land fill! Collect your recyclables and drop them off at the designated location during our pop up event!


Items currently accepted: 

  • aluminum foils, cans & color tubes

  • hair clippings

  • cardboard

  • shaving razors & razor blades


*PLEASE NOTE - ALL items need to be separated into different bags or cardboard boxes.  


*Donations towards recycling/composting efforts will gladly be accepted.* 

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eco salon oklahoma
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How to prepare your
recycling items:

Step 1.

sustainable salons near me

Collect all your salon foils!
(no need to clean them)

Step 2.

Step 3.

sustainable salons near me

Crush & compact your foil down as much as possible
(I prefer the grape smash method in a card board box)

sustainable salons near me

Bag it up & drop it off at the designated pop up time & location!

Dates & Locations

2024 info coming soon!

Currently serving Oklahoma City & surrounding areas.
Coming to Denver, Colarado Springs & surrounding areas in 2024!


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oklahoma best salon

What happens to all that salon waste?

I know you're probably wondering what happens to all that salon waste when you bring it to one of my collection events... But first let's address what's happening when you don't. It goes to the landfill, plain and simple. We know landfills shouldn't be the 'Go-To' option and we're all starting to see and feel the effects of not addressing this major problem. When we started working in the beauty industry, we weren't discussing the long term effects of the salon waste and toxic chemicals we are exposing ourselves, our clients and our environment to, by doing what we love most. We weren't holding major corporations accountable for the lifespan of a product or discussing toxic chemicals in our products and we sure weren't talking about sustainability in salon spaces. 

But it's 2023 and it's time to make changes. Start holding ourselves & the companies we choose to work with accountable. It's time we start asking questions. 

So if you want to know where all this salon waste is going... Let's start by doing a waste audit of anything going in your trash can and straight to the landfill. Then we can address each and every stream of waste to see where it can be disposed of in an environmentally conscious way.

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If you're looking to make your salon a more environmentally place, here's a list of some resources to help you out!

Holistic Salon

Eco-Salon Consultations, waste diversion programs and so many resources!

The Holistic Biz Coach

Salon Recycling System

SalonCycle is the easy, effective recycling program designed for all types of salon waste.

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Salon Recycling System
Glo Salon Recycling System

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